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Why don't I just use a made up email address like 123@hotmail.com?

Many online account registrations require you enter a valid email address and then send your passord to that email address. If you enter an address you do not have access to, you will not be able to retrieve the password for the site you are trying to access.

Is it secure?

No! This service is intended to stop organisations who insist you provide an email address. Do not use this service, as for example, your online banking email address!

Try to use an obscure email address otherwise you may have to filter through other peoples spam!

Can I get email forwarded on to me?

No, not yet at least..

Will Malien ever send me spam?

No. How could it? You've never given any of your personal details.

Any email alledgidly from Malien will be fake - probably from spammers getting annoyed with this service.

What happens if I can't see any mail?

If no email can be found usign the milbox you specified, this may be because:
  • You were not sent any email (yet) to the account you entered. Try again later
  • The mail has been deleted - this will happen after a day or so.
  • You entered the wrong mailbox.